Dreamscapes #6 (Hope Central)

by Roi A.K.

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Recorded on a Zoom at Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain, MA
August 2016


released October 26, 2016

Guitar, Vocals, Tambourine - Roi A.K.

Songs by Roi A.K.

Thanks to Emma Leavitt for organizing the show



all rights reserved


Roi A.K. Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: White Girl Blues
I have seen ash and flames
Buses burned to their frames
Dug the earth over many a friend
I don't want your mercy

I have seen brother lynched
Heard his gasps breathed his stench
Hung the noose struck the match myself
You don't know what that's like

I have seen men grow tame
Allahu akbar all wet with shame
Ain't no eyes could see my pain
I don't want your pity

I have seen an apartheid state
The cobblestone pink echo of my hate
Gonna die exiled on your American plate
You don't know what that's like

Your white girl kisses won't heal my wounds
Track Name: Umlaut
Baby broke my heart in sunny Spain
She said she never felt this way
Then like a bird she flew away

Made me moan in Barcelone
Ate me up with her blue eyes
She said she never felt this way
Then she fucked another guy

And I...

We used to walk hand in hand
Till the sweat rolled down
She took me to the beach and smiled
Then she shot me to the ground

Baby I can't sleep
Baby I can't eat
Baby I get no rest
Don't need no monsters 'neath the bed
To keep me up babe I got you instead

And I...
Track Name: I'm a Woman Sometimes
I want somebody who will read The New Yorker
and tell me over breakfast
that they're so biased

Someone from Brooklyn with enough sass
but never liked the city
likes to pick rhododendron
yeah, always been a country girl

Someone who will hit me when she cums
with her fists and nails
yeah, and I'm a woman sometimes

Someone with enough anger to see mine
but not enough anger to be blind
takes my hand in hers and puts it on my earlobe

Someone with red hair
knows the holes in Dodd-Frank
reads the Nasdaq I swear
if i date another dancer
I'm going to
punch through the wardrobe

I've been known to spill juice and plums on my shirt
never quite succumbed
to the desire to use sex
to make somebody feel like nothing

Not gonna find that policy buff who watches Buffy all night
likes Seinfeld makes me feel like less of a shell of a little boy

I guess today I'm gonna go buy a bagel
and drop some acid