Brickhouse Demos

by Roi A.K.

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These are a few demo-tapes made in the comfort of my brick home for people to listen to and enjoy or not enjoy


released April 18, 2016

Guitar, Voice, Harmonica, and foot Tambourine - Roi A.K.

Recorded and "mixed" by Duncan Bullen in the Brickhouse, North Bennington, VT in the winter of 2016 using a four-track tape-machine and an old box.

"Ruth Garbus" and "Mississippi" were recorded in Bromley Lane, North Bennington VT with Mitchell Rue Carson's Zoom on Mitchell's Gibson in April 2016.



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Roi A.K. Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I'm Easy (Solo)
There are worlds I have seen I won't ever see again
There are lives that I have been that have come to their end
There are holes I can't fill don't think I ever will
No baby

Been in love before you came I'll be in love after you leave
There are lies I'm gonna tell you that you're bound to believe
Don't be scared and don't complain
I'll strip your bones bare to your pain
No baby

Every day that I draw breath my sun-soaked skin breaks out in hives
If you let me in your mouth we could pretend to feel alive
I've been in love before but I thought I loved you more
No baby

I'm a sad pathetic man like a jar without a lid
If you let me in your lips we could pretend that we're still kids
There are holes I can't fill with you I thought I will
No baby
Track Name: Ruth Garbus (now i'm sad for ever)
I sat down to write a song
That would make people smile

About bungee jumping in Papua New Guinea
or sex with Suzie on her parents' bed
Smoking weed in her jacuzzi

Then I thought of you so I wrote this instead

Drove down to Brattleboro
Sat down by the river
Drank kambucha which gave you acid reflex
and I held your hand at the co-op toilet

We broke up when you told me
Bono was your idol
Left me without a ride
chewing Nature Valley in a Cumberland Farm

Because you're cold I grind my teeth
I once had a friend named Keith
We used to write songs together in chemistry class
Then he joined a fraternity now he's a successful rapper

I compare your hair to fire
no it's not ironic
You cream red broke my carpet
Now I'm crying in a Cumberland Farm
Track Name: Umlaut
Baby broke my heart in sunny Spain
She said she never felt this way
Then like a bird she flew away

Made me moan in Barcelone
Ate me up with her blue eyes
She said she never felt this way
Then she fucked another guy

And I...

We used to walk hand in hand
Till the sweat rolled down
She took me to the beach and smiled
Then she shot me to the ground

Baby I can't sleep
Baby I can't eat
Baby I get no rest
Don't need no monsters 'neath the bed
To keep me up babe I got you instead

And I...
Track Name: For Carlos
I'm drowning down
Slower than a slug
Slothful like a bug
Drier than a drought

For me this is new ground
I'm stumbling in the forest
Sweating like a tourist
This life will wear me out

Can't get out of town
I'm too used to boredom
to feeling lonesome
To drowning in a motherfucking

I used to dream of hilltops
Now I dream of nothing
No warmth or colors
Nothing to keep me going

I used to see my lover's lip pop
Chewing on a cherry
Fairer than a faerie
Sweet and lovely glowing

Now there aren't even teardrops
I'm too dry to dream
My thoughts have turned to steam
My sorrow ever growing

Nothing strikes my interest
My mind finds no stories
No songs or glories
I never really wonder

Nothing looks the best
Nothing looks the worst
I got no pity or remorse
I don't ask and I don't bother

Wish I could see your face
Both of us entangled
Letting kisses dangle
Baby I can change